Polyester & Nylon Yarn

Over the last 25 years, Pan Asia has been at the forefront of Polyester and Nylon production. Producing and supplying over 5 tonnes of yarn monthly, Pan Asia has been a leader in this market segment in Sri Lanka. Backed by a specialized team trained in Korea with the support of Korean experts in the setting up of the texturising plants, Pan Asia has grown to become a leading supplier to garment manufacturers island wide. Our strength in the production of Polyester Yarn allows us to produce and supply yarn ranging from 50 Denier to 900 Denier based on customer requirements. Our large and diverse customer base from label manufacturers to end garment producers is testament to the quality and variety that we produce internally.

Our recent re-entry in to the Nylon segment is fast proving to be very fruitful to the company. We hope to increase our supply and product offerings in the Nylon segment in time to come.

The feather in our hat being the most sought after Dye to Match (DTM) Company in Sri Lanka (Pan Asia Coloured Yarns) allows Pan Asia to provide our customers with a turnkey solution – From texturising to dyeing of polyester yarn. We are the only company in Sri Lanka who will undertake dyeing orders starting from as low 250g and upwards. All raw materials used for dyeing are Oeko-Tex Certified with state of the art laboratory facilities and quality assurance processes.

With most factories now adopting Just-in-Time (JIT) methods of production, Pan Asia is ideally suited as a long-lasting and efficient supplier.

Our capability of supplying yarn from 1kg –10,000kg+ when required means that factories do not need to import and store large quantities of yarn in-house. Instead, Pan Asia will provide you with levels of service that will allow you to exercise JIT techniques to the fullest.